Moodle for Teacher Assist


Just recently I ventured in to a new area, building a web site for a client using Moodle as a content management system, well actually a LMS РLearning Management System which of course is open source.

I had never heard of Moodle so I had to get up to speed pretty quickly, quite a learning curve after many years of using WordPress.

Moodle is used by educational establishments all around the world, mostly to offer courses, enrol students and allow them to upload their work and for it to be assessed all online. Moodle has many plugins as you can imagine, as well as one for Skype, allowing tutors to discuss projects with the students online via video.

Teacher Assist Ltd. was set up by someone locally so they could be a quality approved assessor for students enrolling for ETL 3,4 and 5 courses amongst others.