One web site across many devices

Just done a web site for the guys at We Believe IT

They wanted a site to showcase their employee engagement software that tells an employer how their employee(s) are feeling and aggregates individuals and groups into graphs giving employees a general overview of staff morale, well being, productivity and absentee rates.

The software is showcased here.

A clever bunch of guys, operating in an agile environment, they needed a site that could work and adapt to different devices. The last thing they needed was to have a site that didn’t work well on a tablet, and worse still forced them in to a position to do a complete re-design for mobile.



And here’s what it looks like on a mobile device.



Responsive web sites adapt to different devices

Another web site that is truly responsive and adapts to different devices is Features Beauty. A web site I have just finished for Charlotte who does semi-permanent make-up in salons across the country. Have a look and if you are on a desktop PC try re-sizing your browser and watch the web site adapt. That shows that it will work well both on a tablet and a mobile device.