Tojam Media its owner and any associates are not in any way responsible for the content of other sites that are listed and/or linked to.

Clients agreeing for Tojam Media to commence work constitutes their entering in, and agreeing to, the terms and conditions outlined on this page.

All graphics and web design work undertaken can be paid for in instalments after initial consultations and as agreed with payment in full on completion/delivery. Invoices sent out at various stages of work or completion must be paid for within 30 days, failure to pay within this time reserves Tojam Media the right to withdraw any future support and take down any web sites that they host or have placed on the customers own choice of host provider. Further refusal or unwillingness to pay can result in Tojam Media instigating court action or due process through the small claims section of court.

Unless prior agreement by the client is made at cost beforehand, copyright of all material created by Tojam Media and/or its associates belongs to the authors / originators of the work, i.e. Tojam Media. The client can use the photography, web site and/or graphics only for the use that was originally intended. Any other use requires the permission of Tojam Media and/or its associates. However, in most cases permission may be granted when use is appropriate and authors (owners of the copyright) are credited. Authors/owner of the copyrighted material have the right to use the web design, graphics or photography in an appropriate manner in other work as long as it is inoffensive to the client and is not considered libellous.

If any of these terms and conditions are not agreeable please (You, the client) state in writing before work commences in order to discuss and make other arrangements.

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