Coronavirus update

covid 19

In this ‘Stay-at-Home’ phase of our lives, now might be the time to work on that new web site.

Moodle for Teacher Assist


Just recently I ventured in to a new area, building a web site for a client using Moodle as a content management system, well actually a LMS – Learning Management System which of course is open source.


There are 2 main email protocols. POP and IMAP. Which is right for you?


Just done a site for who specialise in Artificial Grass for your Lawn. They use a product called ‘Namgrass’ – which comes highly recommended by Sarah Beeney.

Una Kerr Cameron Fund web site

Continuing a legacy of aid to the children and vulnerable of Africa, the Caribbean and the UK. The Una Kerr Cameron Fund aim to create a sense of self reliance and restore people’s hope and joy by working with Not-For-Profit (NPOs) and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs).