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Local business marketing package

A Local business marketing package that starts you on a road with Google Maps listings and a Facebook page

Over the years I have helped many, many new start-ups get online. Perhaps they are completely new businesses or they have never had a presence online. For some they have had a website but they have not been able to update it as it sits on an old or bespoke platform.

It’s also true there are many local businesses that perhaps used to rely on word of mouth, expensive Yellow Pages ads or adverts in a shop. These days are waning and most people when searching for a trade will instantly do a Google Search, yes even the over 65’s have smart phones these days.

If you are working non-stop and don’t need to advertise then maybe you don’t need to continue reading this, but how would you like more leads .. maybe you can pick and choose the location of the work you do, or the type of work you would prefer offering.

You haven’t got the time or maybe the expertise but I can help. And I love getting involved with local tradesmen.

It surprises me for instance how many tradesmen and professionals have incomplete or unclaimed listings on Google Maps. Just imagine your customer with a smart phone defining the area which they are looking for a particular trade. If your name doesn’t pop up then you are not even in the running. If it does, but there is no link to your business address, phone number, website or indeed any details then the customer is hardly likely to contact you.

I have designed and built websites for SME’s all over the UK and based in Perth

With over 20 years experience in online digital marketing I can offer a package to help you get started and I don’t require very much from yourself other than a few contact details.

I can set up your Google Local Business listing (whether you have a Google account or not) with your contact details, plot your address for the purpose of Google Maps and add a few photos and posts for extra measure, this may help your ranking when people search in that area for a particular trade near them. Then if you give me some contact details – phone numbers will do – I can contact your previous customers and provide for them a link so they can go and add a review of your services. The more positive reviews you have then this is also likely to not only rank you higher by Google but will engender trust to others looking for your service.

If you need me to set up a Facebook page with the same details I can. People often search on Facebook for local tradesmen and professionals and these searches don’t appear on Google but the FB reviews can often be picked up by Google Maps listings.

It’s not a process that takes as long as you think and can be done over a couple of days at most. I can then give you the logins to your Facebook page and Google account, you are then free to change the passwords and manage from there or I can manage for you for a monthly retainer fee that can be agreed.

Do you need a website?

Lastly if you require a simple website I can offer this in a Premium package. I can then link to this from and back to your Facebook page and Google Maps listing.